Community resilience and Transition - why the government needs both

The founder of the Transition movement, Rob Hopkins, gave a presentation in Norwich last week, at which he met a local authority emergency planner, who said that he had found the talk, and the Transition take on resilience, very illuminating.


A group for sharing and building knowledge and awareness of wild foods

Foraging brings happiness as a result of being usefully employed and having a purpose to life, as follows:

  • Connect (with family, friends and neightbours, and invest timein making relationships);
  • Be active (walk, run, garden, dance);
  • Take notice (be curious, notice the changing seasons);
  • Keep learning (try something new)
  • Give (do something for a friend or a neighbour, smile)

So why not get involved. Join the Food Group or email

Most active group in North London is:

Transition Streets

Transition Streets helps neighbours get together to save money on bills, heat their homes more cheaply and make friends. It's also a way to live more sustainably by helping our community reduce its carbon footprint.

Transition Streets makes it easier to

  • Cut your energy, water and fuel bills
  • Get to know your neighbours
  • Cut your carbon footprint
  • Take positive actions on issues that concern you

Participating households save, on average, about £570 per year off their household bills and around 1.3 tonnes of CO2.

Transition Streets (previously known as Transition Together) is a winner of the 2011 Ashden Awards. Just follow this link then click on the 'Video' tab to watch their five-minute film about the project.

How does it work?

Groups of friends and neighbours follow an easy-to-understand workbook that has lots of simple ways to change how we use energy, water, food, packaging and transport. It’s easier to make the changes with help from your friends.

We send a facilitator along to help get things off to a good start, then the group runs itself. Each group meets up seven times over an average of four months. Usually they take it in turns to meet in each others' homes. 

Many of the groups choose to continue meeting, and are coming up with an ever-growing range of projects and activities, from community orchards to local film clubs. We will shortly be posting here a film about some of these follow-on projects.

Transition Streets in the NW3 area

Transition Streets began in Totnes in Devon and has since spread across the UK. If you'd like to try to introduce the scheme in your street, then please get in touch via

Swiss Cottage Food Growing

We set up our food growing project on the Swiss Cottage Open Space in summer 2011 with the help of kids from The Winchester Project Play Service. We have three raised beds and have grown tomatoes, beans, rocket, spinach, beetroot, squash and (nearly) sweet corn. It is currently being planted for winter with some perennial herbs and vegetables.
It all started in the pouring rain with Alexis and Tom S sawing up some old wooden pallets and putting them together to make the first two of the raised beds, which was a learning experience as neither of us had built one before! The site is currently being looked after by Tom S, Ay Lin and Tom B, and the kids from The Winch, who water it regularly. We have a session most Thursday afternoons at 4pm with The Winch, and sometimes an extra session on Saturday mornings with just the three Transitioners. Please do come along to either session, just get in touch with Tom S to check the time of the upcoming sessions.
It is located in the Swiss Cottage Open Space in two alcoves on the path at the back of Winchester Road, the one that runs up the side of the fountain to Hampstead Theatre.

Food Group Meeting - 17 November 2011 - Notes and Actions

Present: Alexis, Ali, Anique, Ay Lin, Carla, Deepa, Elisabetta, Paul M, Sarah N, Steve P, Tom S.

Food Growing on Highways Licence

Almost everyone was optimistic and keen to make it work. It’s bigger than just TB since this would be the first time that any community organisation in London has been given the right to use Highways land like this. The one sticking point is what it actually means to be a named licensee, apart from giving Camden Council someone to contact if they have a question or there’s a problem. In theory any liabilities should be covered by our Public Liability Insurance. Alexis & Tom to check. NB See the bottom of this page for the draft licence as a Word document.

Mid-November update from South Farm

An update from Bart the farmer on our organic veg bag scheme on the scheme's blog. The deliveries of vegetables officially ended at the end of October but he was hoping to continue on through November:


Alas this is another posting, stating no bags. We finished the last of the potatoes this week, and the carrots will be gone next. Progression on the polytunnels is slow. Weather is not helping. it looks like the next few bags will be down to beetroot, cabbage, mizuna celeriac and eggs. although egg production has dropped to half typical of this time of year.

Rob Hopkins on Occupy London

"What Occupy is doing that matters so much is that it is holding a space. It is holding a space where the discussions can take place on their own terms about what is broken and what needs fixing. 

"It is underpinned by a realisation that this is a crucial time of change where everything is on the table, where business-as-usual is no longer an option.  It isn’t making demands because that would put the power in the hands of the people in power to decide whether or not to respond to them.  It is holding the space for the conversations, and is doing so on its own terms. I admire that.

Why we need a Transition Belsize Cycling Group

Here's a great reason why we need a cycling group in Transition Belsize - to push for a future where better air quality is our right. This is an excellent 30 minute podcast on pollution and cycling in London

November Newsletter

Hello Belsize,

Exciting news this month: our new website is now live! Go to to check it out. We encourage you to sign up and create your profile now. This new online home has pages on our groups and projects and events and news listings, and we want it to become a lively hub for all Transition Belsize activities and members.


Transition Belsize

Transition Kids

Transition activities for kids!

Here are some of the things Transition Kids education group have worked on in 2012:

         . The introduction of several Ecofuntastic after school clubs in Camden Schools

         . The creation of a fab bug hotel at The Fruitery

         . The creation of two fab minature eco houses (see news)

         . The creation of our chicken wire sculptures coming soon filled with plastic!!!

         . Our carrier couture, anti carrier bag show