First Meeting of Transition Belsize Book Group

Tue 22 Jul 7:00pm - 9:00pm

Hampstead Heath Overground Station
South End Road


Transition Belsize are thinking of starting up a Book Group, to share and discuss inspirational or important texts. To get the ball rolling, Alexis Rowell, Managing Editor of Transition Free Press, has offered to lead an evening-cum-picnic-on-the-Heath talking through the latest issue of TFP. If you’d like to join us, we’ll be meeting at 7pm on Tuesday 22 July at Hampstead Heath Overground station. Please bring something yummy to drink or eat for sharing. And don’t forget to bring a copy of TFP5 with you. And to read it before you come! If you haven’t yet got a copy, you can get one for £1 from Budgens on Haverstock Hill, or email

You can now also get a digital subscription to TFP, which gives access to the entire TFP back catalogue. Or, if you want to read it on your tablet or smartphone, you can download the TFP app from iTunes.

Here are a few things people have said about TFP:

  • "Transition has long created spaces in which people can engage their creativity, and TFP is one of the shining examples of that. It models a different approach to telling stories, to building networks, and to building a movement. We love it." Rob Hopkins, founder of the Transition movement.
  • "[TFP] plants the seed of the idea that a "newspaper" could be a thing of value – for slow enjoyment – that lasts – something that can be kept and passed around – for months!" Dave Hampton, Transition Town Marlow.
  • "We read and promote TFP because it's an accessible publication free of greenwash. It provides our community with content that is genuinely relevant to their lives." Chris Milne, Transition Heriot-Watt, Edinburgh.
  • “I save all my TFPs and reread them when I'm a bit down." Diana Korchien, Transition Leytonstone.