"An Introduction to Urban Permaculture Design"

Sun 20 Nov 2:00pm - 5:00pm

Location to be announced



Permaculture is the solutions toolkit and philosophy underpinning the Transition movement. It's about using our brains to design energy and waste out of systems, and about working with nature rather than seeking to subjugate it. See here for Rob Hopkins on what permaculture is and how it's linked to Transition. Transition Belsize are offering a course of four urban permaculture classes (three hours per session). This course will involve work on the Royal Free Hospital estate where we have been given a plot of land. As well as learning about the principles of permaculture in an urban setting, participants will design and create a forest garden food growing site.

The course will be led by Alexis Rowell and Sarah Nicholl, who have both completed permaculture design courses, and will start on Sunday 20 November. Sessions are Sundays, 2-4pm, 20 & 27 November and 18 December with a fourth session – a visit to a forest garden - to be scheduled with group members. The cost will be £100 for the full course. If you’re interested, then please email food@transitionbelsize.org.uk with "permaculture" in the subject line.

Here’s an outline of the course:

Session 1 – Sunday 20 November, 2-5pm

Welcome and introductions. Overview of permaculture ethics, principles and design. Design exercise. Visit to the Transition Belsize Premier Inn food growing site.

Session 2 – Sunday 27 November, 2-5pm

Preparing a permaculture design. Design exercise on the Royal Free Hospital site. Feedback on the exercise.

Session 3 – date to be arranged with group 

Visit to a forest garden.

Session 4 – Sunday 18 Dec, 2-5pm

A wider look at what permaculture means for human society (Earth Care, People Care, Fair Shares). Completion of design for Royal Free Hospital site.

Optional session – end Jan or Feb 2012 depending on the weather

Creation of Royal Free Hospital site. This will be a full day session which will be open to others. The aim is that the day will be led by those who complete the course.

We will also be leading an optional trip to the Permaculture Picturehouse (a monthly film, discussion and cheap eco eats) in Dalston on Tuesday 6 December.