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Members of Transition Belsize:

Kristin W.

I'm interested in the practicalities of being more locally sufficient.


thought whats going on in st peters garden is great.

I live opposite in No 3 and will make an effort to get involved,

nice one


Anastasia Harrison

I'm a member of a fledging Transition initative up the road so would like to both support and learn from what's going on in Transition Belsize.

Pandora Vaughan

Interested in art and the built environment, permaculture, land use, education workshops, making places better, people happier and life more fun.

Diane Umemoto

I'm a pensioner who travels a lot, but I really enjoyed the foraging and cooking up the results.

Ali Stephens

A designer/maker looking forward to a more sustainable future and likes to dabble in pallet furniture making, eco building and eye catching graphic design.

Anna Lewis

Not sure yet how to be involved, I will see.

Katharine Locke


I'm a medical herbalist and would like to help people improve their health in sustainable ways.  A little change now builds up to a big impact over time! 


Tony Hawkins

My main activity is writing.  I am currently working on publishing books.  I am very interested dreams and would like to organise a dream-sharing group and possibly online community....


I'm interested in food especially foraging! I made blackberry jam for the first time in the summer from berries from the Heath.

Mark Waghorn

Architect specialising in designing for low impact living.

Jenny Holzer


Well ..... I'm a part-time professional gardener, so I am hoping both to learn and share some knowledge there.

When I'm not gardening, I like to work with the...

lee birchall

I am starting an organic gardening business and completing a RHS course in Horticulture.  I have a lot of experience in allotment gardening and will shortly be living on a narrowboat off...

Beth Shaw

(I have joined before but I could not login so am starting a new account because I wanted to register for the Sheepkin slipper workshop 12-2 on Sunday 4 February)

I loved the picnic that...

Sally Kellner

I am a member of transition Kentish Town living in Gospel Oak, and am particularly in food growing and transition activities for kids.

maria christofi

Hi my name is Maria Christofi and im a local Belsize resident,


I have previously taken part in the wonderful foraging course run by miles irving and would like to follow up on...

Janice Buckley

Hi, My name is Janice I am an administrator at the 'Centre of Cranio-sacral Therapy' in Primrose Hill. 

I heard about Transition Belsize via Patrick Farkas, I love the...

Guy Battle

I am an environmental engineer and sustainability consultant. I am particularly interested in community action on reducing our depedence on energy, water and 'stuff'. How can we create a...

Julie Taylor Mills

Hi, I have moved from Australia and now live in London. We hosted Janet Richardson from the Transition Towns Totnes movement to be guest speaker at a conference I was involved in orgnaising for...

Maria Farkas