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Members of Transition Belsize:

Lucy Walsh

I am a lifelong Belsize resident with two small children ,and am keen to get them involved in activities helping the community & teaching green, ethical natural & sustainable living.

liz taylor

Part of the TGIF Premier inn team


Interested in organising re how to re-use the myriad of items I see left around the treets - furniture etc

Gill Jacobs

I mostly do things in kentish town, but like to come back to Belsize every now and then,

and join in particular events, such as the Restart Party!

Sarah Astor

I have re registered myself as I couldn't get on to the website.  Have been a member since September 2010 I think.  Like helping with energy and food growing.

Jo Homan

I'm from Transiiton Finsbury Park - just want to comment on an event you're kindly publicising for us. Nice website by the way.

Noelia Barquero

good job !!

Andrew Gibbs

Sour dough baker and jam maker from foraged local fruits.

dorothy boswell

I'm a member of the recently -formed Transition Highgate and hope to emulate some of the great things that TB is doing.

I'm intersted in food-growing, especially permaculture,...

Barry Fox

I get the newsletters and thought it made sense to enrol etc

Tara Wellesley



I am an artist living in Mansfield road, and currently studying. I could help with organising art exhibition and/or participating in an exhibition, also art workshops, and...

catriona hale

Hi i live on Camden road in a council converted house we have a large communal garden with an apple tree, last year i made spicey apple chutney, apple crumble and the house gave apples away. But...

Stef Palmer


Just recently been living in a sutainable house project in Australia and relocated to London. Very keen to meet others interested in practical sustainability and building community...

Peter Fallows

I like to help out generally and am a "joiner in" by nature.  I have specific craft qualifications (I was a professional bokbinder) and I have an interest in natural medicine &...

Gul Thomas

I have been living in Belsize park more three years and I don't have any neighbour relation ship .

I thought it would be great idea meeting with  local people and also share my...


Hi there,

We live locally and would love to get involved in community projects, particularly food growing. As a family we are very interested in foraging, growing our own food, and kids...


Hello everyone! 

I discovered this web page some months ago and the idea you are developing is very interested to me. Mainly, I would like to contribute with food, vegetables and fruit...

Edward Money

Hello Team.

I have just finished a Masters degree in Environmental Science, specialising in Green Roof technology. I joined TB in the summer of 2011 and have been very enthusiastic about...



I am an active, useful, intelligent, brilliant, strong, mobile, motivating person with time and passion to make London a perfect urban home harmonious with nature inclusive of...

Edward Clark

I am very keen to promote a sustainable way of living and therefore very interested to meet others of the same persuasion. It is vital that we halt the helter skelter rate of global warming and...