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Members of Transition Belsize:

Lee Jermon

i am an author and i heard about you through internet

Stuart Taylor
  • PROFILE_Founder, Kyosei Institute; Aikido Sensei, Design Consultant, Project Manager, Writer, Facilitator, Coach & Trainer /// Vagabond imagination, agile & global...
Anna Bishop

Hi, I'm Anna and I'm 29. I've been lviing in the area for the last year and a half having moved to London from Adelaide, Australia almost 3 years ago. I'm really interested in...

natalia fahrni

Im Natalia. I would like to help grow food, forage and find out more what help is needed.


I am a teacher.


I am a member


Hi, I'm Asia, 28. I'd like to exchange information about green and healthy living, relaxation techniques and I'm also looking forward to being a part of a community.

Mugdha Sapte

I am a botanical dyer and keenly interested in all things plants, be it foraging, food, medicine grow-your-own etc.  Since I live in a flat with no balcony, growing amything is difficult...

Tania Ruthven

I'm a landscape architect and may be keen in planting, growing and harvesting projects

stephen evans

Hi, we are going to start a homemade Wednesday on the first Wed of each month...

Chris Beach

I'm a software developer living in Lancaster Grove, and I am working full time to create a website called StreetLend which helps local people lend...

Hedva Yaari


I've just arrived 3 months ago from Israel- where I've been involved in initiating and leading an ecological community garden in my neighborhood in tel-aviv. For the past 5...




neeta patel

i would like to help locally as well as utilise the space at my work where we have built a garden to raise awareness on how things can be grown in small areas of space. we grow fruit, veg and...

Jane Vogler

At the moment recovering from op and other treatment but hope by autumn could help in gardens etc. Meanwhile am interested in using and maintaining natural resources in the area

Matt Robert


jack mills

So many great idea that i will pushing for the work here.




I write children's books and have three kids. 

I like the idea of a local group that is working to make our environment better,

and our community happier. I love the idea...

samantha baldi

hi i live on lawn road and i would like to do and be part of sustainable living for all and in my comunity to input growing food and i customise and do sewing all the best sam