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Members of Transition Belsize:


Hi there

My name is Emily and i have been reading about Transitions and met some lovely people who are members of the one in Suffolk. I really would love to get involved and make a...

Emma Watson

Nothing just a student and doing part time job.

Nazia Soon

I'm an Osteopath and am interested in a wholistic approach to healing.

Nate Sibley


England's Lane resident - happy to help with food growing projects particularly if I can!



Muqtada Khalid

This is Muqtad Khalid and i cam across this portal by search for a place to contribute and learn about green environment for the upcoming project of mine at University. I m glad to be a part of...

Graham Hood

Hello, I'm Graham and I am interested in reducing energy use and increasing community cohesion through sharing projects (car-clubs, growing plots etc). I do not have a huge amount of skills to...

Christine Jakoby



I am a landscape architect who is higly interested in sustainable matters and urban agriculture and recently worked on a Permaculture farm, doing a work experience . I get...

Sally Johnstone

Hi my name is Sally. I have an interest in Permaculture & organic gardening. I also have two children & I would like them to learn to garden in a responsible & sustainable way. I...

alex finer

attend foraging walk

Yukiko Kamio

I'm from Japan, and now a student at Royal Holloway University of London, and learning about Sustainable Development, specifically, ICT4D (using ICT for development). I'm really interested...


Hello, I host a range of wild food and medicine  walks, courses, and events, nationwide, and all year round.

I'm here to offer my services to the local community. I plan to host...

louise freedman


my name is louise freedman and i am associated with the charity shop 'matchless gifts' on caledonian road where we give free yoga and vegetarian cookery classes every week and...

Sarah Crisp

Would love to help in any way...I'm most interested in arts & crafts, foraging and helping out with any gardening projects.

Clare Dunkley

I spend a lot of time in Belsize Park and love the area. Anything I can do to help its physical and cultural environment I would be happy to be made aware of and do

Sue Msallem

I've lived in NW3 for 2 years now and am particularly interested in food sustainability and food waste reduction. I'd love to learn more about food growing and get involved with some of...

Aleksa Hartog

I'm a student of Social Entrepreneurship and I'm interested in learning more about the Transition towns and facilitating community resilience. I'm excited to forage and help with the...

Nigel J Bee

I would like to assist in making sure that arrangements are put in place to ensure that the Transiiton Belsize community gardens are properly managed in the long term.


I am PAt. I woul;d like to be an active member of your group


Hi there, I have an interest in the world around us and how people interact - the world interlinks on multiple levels and consequences are not always how we intend them to be.  Anyways, look...


Hello my name is Hannah

I am the creative director of Spotless Organic the UK first Organic Cleaning Company.

We make enghineered products that are free of irritants and thus more...