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Members of Transition Belsize:

Nora Fergie

I am a teacher and I hope to get the chance to invite speakers in school to help make sustainable living the 'normal lifestyle' for our youngsters. I am also hoping to voice you initiatives, take...

Hannibal Rhoades

My name's Hal, I recently moved to the area after some time working here for the Gaia Foundation (Hampstead) and am keen to get involved with Transition activities, especially those...

Astrid Jacoby

We are a non- profit making Community Interest Company in 67 Belsize Lane teaching clothes and accessory making, mixed media, fashion design, patterncutting to kids 6+, teenagers up to 18yrs and...


I'm a writer and an avid reader.

Sorcha Jones

Hello there, I am a mother, counsellor and interested in all matters wellbeing. I am new to London, having recently moved from Stroud (another Transition town) to London for psychotherapy training...


Transition Belsize it has a common aims of  the transition.Transition Belsize is a community group.

Chris Langdon

I'm Chris

Ben Pearce

During a Monday morning scour of the web searching for fresh impetus to make a positive difference to my local community and the world beyond, I stumbled across the Transition Belsize page.

Amy Dewhurst

I have recently moved from Australia to Belsize Park. I am a Primary School Teacher and whilst in London I am very interested in meeting new people who share a passion for the natural environment...

Barney Spigel

I am a music guy. I play, compose, record and produce music as well as study it from a sociological / anthropological perspective, and currently working on a London-wide community music project...


I am a retired medical microbiologist.  

Not sure  how I can contribute. Would like to attend a few events first 

Bella Driessen

Hi there! I'm a student at UCL living in London for the first time. Last summer I got my first taste of organic farming and now I'm hooked on learning about finding and growing food, and...

Judith Gubbay

I'm a member of Belsize Residents' Association and I edit its newsletter, so I could be a link person between the two organisations

I'm interested in the concept of transition...

Stacy H


Beth Burks



Beth here - went to the Restart project and would like to go to the Green Drinks & Shorts event. Based in South London so can attend events.

Marc Pell

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Rob Thompson

I would like to get involved in local foraging


Ex-biology student from imperial college. Would like to help out with whatever needs doing!

Elen Newcombe

Degree in environmental policy and passionate about sustainability in all forms! Currently working as a sustainability consultant at Context Group (...

Talia Chain

Hi there, 

Having come back from 3 months working on a small Organic farm in Connecticut, I realise that growing food and working on urban and rural farms is my passion! I live in...