The Ecobeat. Are you a budding journalist and aged under 13?

The Ecobeat. Are you a budding journalist and aged under 13?


Dear… local community friend…


We would like to invite you to apply to become a writer on a fantastic newspaper due to publish its launch issue in January 2013.


The Ecobeat will be 16 page tabloid newspaper full of great fun, lively, informative, crazy ideas and news, all with the aim of creating awareness of eco stuff going on in Camden and further afield.


But what’s really different about The Ecobeat is that it will be researched and written entirely by kids. Let’s teach those ‘rents and our nearest ‘n dearest a thing or two…


The newspaper will have (initially) 3 issues a year, one per term. We have already received sponsorship from Budgens, the community lovin’ supermarket, to print (and hopefully) distribute the newspaper.


This is a serious project for budding writers  - can you imagine your words and ideas being read by hundreds? If so, please choose from one of the topics below, and send us an email with an article on any of the areas below that interests you, or a drawing. We are not looking for perfect writing, just lots of enthusiasm


1. The Foodie bit – this could include a restaurant review. A general news story  - how farting cows are bad for the atmosphere!

2. Up-cycling. From making a bracelet outa an old toothbrush to skateboard tables. Seen any cool new products out there?

3. Transport. Worried that this section sounds dull…on yer bike, this is one the most important bits of all. How do you get to school?

4. Fashion. From sock gloves to growing your own tee-shirt? Just what is an ethical fabric? Have you been to any good charity shops?

5. Energy. Probably the most serious section. We need a group of power ranger detectives for this one. From solar panels to bike powered Xmas lights.  What’s hot?

6. Jokes…R u a bit of an eco joker? Give us an example.

7. Food growing. We’re diggin it! From what to grow and when, to a seasonal recipe. What’s edible on the streets around us?

8. Comic strip. Can you create an Ecobeat character?

9. Water. From finding out how much water it takes to make a burger, to karoke showers. Let’s inspire people to save it!

10. Going wild! From butterflies and bees to mud pits and bug hotels. Not a fan of creepy crawlies, don’t apply!

11. What’s on? We need someone who know’s what’s happening!



Good luck!  Debbie and Stephen.