The Ecofuntastic house

The Ecofuntastic house

Members of The Ecofuntastic clubs at Fitzjohns School and St Pauls School this term created an amazing  ECOFUNTASTIC HOUSE! Here's a resource sheet containing the ideas the kids came up with:


We have saved energy in our eco house by adding insulation to the walls. We have used real sheep wool! No, nasty drafts escape from our house. Did you know, in the average house in the UK loses a third of it energy through the walls, gaps in the window, even through the letter box!


These are solar panels on our roof. Solar panels are a ‘renewable’ form of energy generation which turns sunlight into electricity. Have you ever thought about what happens when you flip on the light switch and the light turns on? Electricity is flowing to the light bulb, but where does it come from?

In the UK most of our electricity is made in giant power plants that burn coal or natural gas and let off nasty pollution into the atmosphere. By creating our own energy with our solar panels, we are helping not just heat and light our home, but helping our environment!


This is our wind turbine. It generates energy through the wind and is also another very good idea for generating clean energy.


The fabric in our bedrooms and lounge is made from hemp, an ethical fabric. Hemp is a plant. We have therefore grown our own curtains!


Our furniture is re-cycled. Isn’t it cool?


We have a green roof. It is filled with lots of lovely wildflowers. A green roof is a great way to create a habitat for lots of wildlife.


These sticks and logs represent our nesting box. Somewhere cosy for birds to go and sleep.


We have decided to keep chickens in our house and have given them a whole room and lots of outside space to roam about in.


These are our water collection pipes. We have added a pipe out from the bathroom which direct the bath water known as ‘grey water,’  down through another pipe until it reaches and waters our vegetable bed.  


We have also double glazed our windows to stop nasty draughts escaping.


We have put in a special boiler which helps combine all the heat and power in our house.


We are going to grow vegetables and fruit vertically on this wall.


We have put in low energy light bulbs and see these metals panels, we think they may reflect light in through the window and therefore we will not need to light our house!


Light reflecting mirrors are positioned in such a way to reflect sunlight into the house, preventing the need to switch lights on!


We have put a curtain on the inside of our front door to stop draughts escaping