Fancy growing your own beer?

Fancy growing your own beer?


Fancy growing your own beer?

Come and join us for an evening of festivity and film on Monday Dec 9, Grafton Pub,  in which after a screening of the acclamied short film, 'Best before' we will be discussing all things micro-brewery and even sampling a few of our very own homemade brews!

But best of all, we will be announcing our fab plans for launching our very own Belsize Beer next year and want to encourage you all to grow a few hop plants.

It's so easy to grow hops - here's a half pint description of how:

1. We all plant our bare-rooted setts in the New Year. Hops like a bit of a cold period (vernalisation) to get going!

2. We watch them grow during Spring, as climbers they should be trained to go up a post/wall...wherever you have some vertical space.

3. In the Summer beautiful white flowers appear. They really are a very lovely plant - and very good for pollinators, helping bees too!

4. In September we all harvest the flowers and a group from Transition Belsize will hop round to yours and pick them up. They will then be taken to The Bull in Highgate who have offered to brew the beer for us.

That's all there is to it...

oh, and yes then  -

5. We all meet up 3 weeks later in The Grafton/Steeles/Washington - all our local lovely pubs and drink our beer with its fantastically designed bottle.


No excuses please - I don't have any space. I don't drink beer?

Hops will look absolutely fantastic growing in a large pot outside your front door and climbing up. You don't need a lot of space to grow 'em.

If you don't drink beer - turn your hops into a hop pillow.


Now hop along everyone...