London Permaculture Festival - A Great Success!

London Permaculture Festival - A Great Success!

I only learned that Transition was the fruit of permaculture when I did a Permaculture Course with Steve Jones in May, which removed (some) scales from my eyes. Hence it was with enormous pleasure that I turned down a hip fest in Wales in order to host a Transition Belsize stand at the London Permaculture Festival, held at Cecil Sharpe House on Sunday 14th July, as a permaculture newby! It revealed to me why I didn't like 'horticulture' - or rather 'monoculture' - and the staggering inefficiency of our current electricity-generating and heat-generating system... My Transition friends had already educated me on peak oil.

Introductory workshops ran throughout the day - I managed to sneak into a brilliant 'story-telling' moment, and I learned about a sustainable barge renovation project including a rocket fuel stove! Sadly I missed a talk by Garden Design author Aranya - however I did discover he was a man not a woman!!
I would highly recommend that everyone finds out what 'permaculture' means - this day was one method of many - and a wonderful gathering of like-minded, motivated people.
THANKS - to all who made it possible - you know who you are!! I could not have done it with out the moral, physical and mental support of the Transition friends around me......



Thanks to all who helped!! thoes on the stand on the day - Mike, Deepa, Nigel (pictured), Sarah A and Yukiko! This enabled me to sneak off and look at some of the amazing stands e.g. the eco reconstruction of a canal barge including rocket fuel stove, some story telling and signing the Ecocide petition being put forward to Europe.

Thanks also to the unseen helpers - Doro and Anna L with their amazing Primrose Hill Stand, the PI gardeners contributing the plants for the display, Ugo, for Restart leaflets for July 31st and signing sheets, Debbie for her amazing Melchet Kentish Town even on July 23rd and Bush craft July 24th events , Ali and Yukiko for posters, Lauren and Carla for the wonderful Green Fair coming up on September 28th and those that created the lovely picture displays of food growing and our Belsize Transition banner!