Notes from Coordinating Group Meeting - 25th April 2012

Notes from Coordinating Group Meeting - 25th April 2012

General update of groups and projects


  • Foraging outing in Kent with Miles was a big success. Trip was organised by Marietta and Mark at a property in West Bere near Canterbury. Fifteen people attended, most from different Transition groups. The event took a lot of campaigning to fill the 16 places. Cost was £65 each for two days including meals. All money went through Transition Belsize accounts, expenses need to be finalised but there should be some money left over.

Food Growing

  • Royal Free Permaculture Garden growing space has now kicked off.  The group meets every couple of Sundays.  The next meeting is April 29th.  There is also a Medicinal Bed Workshop on May 27th.
  • The Premier Inn site is blooming and now has a shed!  Meeting every Friday from 4pm


  • Lots of work has been going on in the Fruitery, with the creation of a herb spiral and a children's area with a bug hotel.  There is also talk about creating a water harvesting system.
  • The group would like to have some kind of multi faith event in the orchard, they are discussing with Father Paul.
  • Idea of an 'edible learning landscape' suggested, where visitors would be charged an entry fee and then have a tour and learning session in the orchard.

Education Group

  • Group would like to schedule a mini-festival event on the weekend of May 20th.  The festival would include:
    • Mushroom growing workshop at the Fruitery on May 19th
    • Budgens stall on Saturday May 20th with seedling hand outs and cob oven pizza making
    • A Bug's Life

Transition Belsize Walks

  • A TB walk could be organised around our local growing sites (Fruitery, Premier Inn and Royal Free), in conjunction with the mini-festival event over the weekend of May 20th.
  • Maybe end tours with the cob oven baked pizza?  Volunteers would be needed to conduct tours as well as walk people from one site to the next.

TB Event Nights

  • Suggested to be advertised as 'Transition Belsize Presents....' so as not to limit the type of event
  • An evening will be organised with Linda from Cob in the Community.  It would include a talk about natural building techniques and a short documentary on the build going on in Crouch End. They are hoping to get more people to join. Date to be confirmed (probably a Monday evening that suits the Steeles and Linda).  This could also be incorporated in the 'mini festival', on Monday May 21st.
  • Need to check out Steele's set up for projector/screen and sound system before event takes place.
  • Many people from other Transition groups think that a regular film or event evening has been instrumental in bringing new people to the group.
  • About four films are lined up for future events.  Having a combination of film with event or talk could make it more interesting.
  • One possibility would be organising an event with David Cross, an artist who addresses environmental and social issues.
  • Another option would be screening the film 'Made Nation', an American documentary about the recent craft movement.  Perhaps the arts group could be involved.
  • There is a 'What If' transition event happening on June 23rd, does TB want to hold an event on this date?

Transition Tipple

  • Transition Tipple on the first Wednesday of the month, location to be confirmed on website.

Veg box scheme

  • South Farm has decided not to continue the veg box scheme with TB this year.  Last year TB was their 2nd highest business after their wedding venue.  But this year the farm has 30 more weddings, the possibility of drought, and have decided to supply a reduced amount of restaurants who can deal with transport themselves.  They would have had to do a veg box scheme for over 50 households to make up the travel costs to London, which would have been possible through an alliances of Transition Groups in NW London, but they decided not to pursue it. Bart says he will post this update on the blog.
  • Bart is still interested in creating a community based farm but nothing sorted out as of yet.
  • There was discussion of other Veg box scheme possibilities:
  • SUSTAIN-could connect us with other farms that we could work with
  • We could try and link up with an existing project like Church farm who work with Crouch End and see if they could drop off at the shed
  • Kentish Town is in the process of organising a veg box scheme starting from July
  • Perry Court from Swiss Cottage farmer's market-they come to NW3 already, would they be interested in bringing extra veg for veg box scheme?
  • TB to organise a meeting to talk about Veg box solutions and interest as part of the mini-festival in May.  Could invite Rebecca from Crouch End and Tom from Kentish town to talk about project possibilities.  Then have a world cafe with all those interested to brainstorm solutions.

Treasurer Role

  • If a group or project is earning money 10% goes into TB funds, and they have first dibs on how to spend it.  If you want to spend general funds you should communicate to the CG to see if anyone objects and if funds exist.  Treasurer is not approval authority, just confirms if funds exist.


  • Waiting for events to add in next newsletter, will probably be sent out in next couple of days.
  • New design seems to be working, we can now see how many people are opening it and what headings they are clicking on.

Coordinating Group

  • Decision to make CG meeting minutes available on website, that way everything is transparent and open to anyone.
  • Who makes up CG? people leading projects or groups? or open to anyone?
  • Decided that CG email list will go out to active members of groups or projects but meetings can be open to anyone.  Include next meeting date in newsletter (need to change venue if it's open meeting)
  • Ask current CG members that have not been actively involved lately if they still want to be included on email list
  • Does TB expand constitution? An improved draft to be submitted
  • Links with wider Transition network – must be maintained even if people currently in touch step out of the CG.

Next CG meeting

  • May 30th
  • Agenda to include:
  • Food group leadership discussion
  • Green fair 2013?