Notes from Coordinating Group Meeting - 30th May 2012

Notes from Coordinating Group Meeting - 30th May 2012

Green Fair 2012

We learned a lot last year

We should focus on what works well – not get distracted

Invite others to come along and set up

It takes more than one person to organize

Need to raise sponsorship

Need to explore early on – how to get more people involved – maybe by breaking it into specific tasks

Meeting in June – call out for volunteers in July


Theme? discuss later

Budgens cob oven collapsed – needs a new one


Should have specific event afterwards to promote

Hard for us to run things and engage with people at the same time – need more volunteers – maybe some allocated specifically for that

Each stall that represents an activity should lead to a next opportunity or event


Film nights

Bit hectic getting everything together for film night in May

Linda from Cob in the Community is happy to rearrange


TB Presents posters already exist, just need to print stickers

At the print shop on haverstock hill you can print 2 stickers on an A4 page

What about plastic pockets?

Need to write up info about posters in the Comms guideline document

At Primrose Hill, they print on glossy paper, then stick on a label designed to blend in with rest of graphics


Problem with VGA cable

Can we keep everything needed for film nights together, with no extraneous cables?

There are different models of Macs, and the cable is not compatible with all of them

Organizers should have rely on other people to bring necessary equipment

If showing film on a DVD – can play directly at Steeles – DVD player connected to projector

For videos on internet – can burn DVD

Slideshow – requires laptop but no audio


New date – Monday 18th June – just cob event, veg box discussion will be separate

Opportunity to get people involved in building new cob oven?

Need to ask Camden for permission for posters

Need to format poster – got photos and words


Film nights should be held a couple of weeks after CG – time to coordinate activities

In the future – third Monday of every month

At event, should be advertising following one


August – organize something around reuse/obsolescence of technology

Good opportunity to promote green fair


If you need to ask for help, don’t wait until the last minute



Burnout with excess emails – they can become a bottleneck

Who receives info@

Queries – opportunities to get more people involved

When people sign up on the website, they get a generic welcome email, but it’s a missed opportunity

We should follow up with personalized email, an invite to a future event

Don’t want to spam people, but have to reach out to a few people

Avoid “reply all” possibility

Ultimately – just talking to each other

 - emailing everyone on  website

- meet and greet – connected with Tipple

- responding to info@ emails


Tipple – attendance varies

Need to encourage people on an individual basis to come

Can group leaders get a notification when someone joins their group?

Next Tipple – Wednesday 6th June - Steeles

Washington – wanted them to order food

Steeles – can use back room

Will be first Wednesday of month

Can we email everyone registered on site about Tipple?

Get them to come to Tipple, but then what?

If you sign up on website, you only get monthly newsletter

Tipple is 10 days after CG - Can you send an invitation to the Tipple, with a summary of what the CG has talked about , encouraging people to come to drinks so they can talk about plans?

Include a short summary of what’s planned over next few months


Newsletter is about events that are being put on

Instead we need a call to action

Say in newsletter: join us on website to get updates on how to get involved

Send something tomorrow/Friday to all website users

Have things not too formal – “we’re still thinking about it” – have a chat about ideas

Better to have CG third week of the month?

Two weeks before tipple

Three weeks before film night



Handover to new treasurer not completed yet

Should be done by next CG

No receipt, no payment – we need a record


Email not always best way to discuss things

In future, new treasurer can discuss finances at CG meeting


Spreadsheets should be made available to everyone in CG – shared online in Google document



16 June – first Restart party

Not per se a TB event

First one aimed at local community – Belsize, Kentish, PH

Saturday afternoon

Mapping of places where equipment can be repaired, share cables

Finalize details in next few days

Will be promoted on Twitter

Can it go on website – yes

Sometimes we are too TB focused

We should be more involved with other Transition groups in area and any group that wants to do an event

Possible venues: Legal Café? Swiss Cottage exhibit space? Belsize Library?


20 June – picnic on Heath

Should it be a “what if” event where questions are asked? Or just a social picnic?

Visioning event

Could it connect with veg box scheme discussion?


14 July– St Peters Fair


People can be given tours of the Fruitery

Leaflet – map, describing stuff

Get everything in the Fruitery labelled

Bring up task at Tipple

Transition Culture tour – in london 4-16 july – could he be involved?


Earth Tour – costs too much


Recycling plant visit

See where our waste goes

Lots of misinformation out there – good to understand the truth about Camden recycling


Local food

Focus for September - Could it be a challenge to eat food sourced from 30 miles for 30 days?

Theme for Green Fair – bring all elements together


veg box

food-growing sites


Growing Communities – food zone model

How much food do we start producing at different levels

get people to sign up to a pledge?

Make badges


next meeting - Wednesday June 27th