Premier Inn August update

Premier Inn August update
This month we have sown lettuce, red lettuce, radish and kohlrabi. The new seeds seem to be growing well.Thank goodness (possibly Japanese food growing god as well?), we have got nice rain for plants these days.
We are harvesting quantities of rocket (enough to make Rocket Pesto for the Green Fair!) and are really enjoying the perenial curly kale. We are letting some of the plants go to seed as food for wildlife and stocks for us. The radish seeds are coming on a treat.
Despite having no worms in the wormery, it seems to be composting well in the heat.  We hope that a 'friend' of Belsize will donate some more worms to replenish its stocks, sadly we lost the worms to the cold as we were too optimistic about the improved weather in March. As a family we always call my brother's birthday, May 20th, as the end of the frosts, so next year we will cuddle the worms until that date. It might not have been the worms; it could have been the mayonnaise from the PI kitchen that created an anaerobic atmosphere in the wormery and hence suffocated the poor things. Gardening is all about learning, and sadly sometimes there are mistakes.
After watering the bed, loads of tiny snails crept out on cabbage and kale leaves. I hand picked them off and disposed of them! There were quite a few snails hiding in the dark corners of the empty flower pots in the greenhouse. They are no more! Currently, they are our greatest threat.

Anna, Kathi and Yukiko