Swiss Cottage Community Growing Space

Swiss Cottage Community Growing Space

It is a little known fact that, in addition to the growing spaces at St Peter's, the Premier Inn and the Royal Free, Transition Belsize also maintains some raised beds near the Swiss Cottage Leisure Centre.

Now that the snow has gone, mint and thyme can be seen to have survived the winter. It's a bit early to plant most seeds, but broad beans are tolerant of cold weather and we have planted lots of these so that the site can produce some early crops.

There used to be quite a few people maintaining these beds but many have moved away. We hope to encourage some new people to continue their work.

This site gives us an excellent opportunity to show the local community some of the things that we do.

In the next few weeks we are hoping to paint some of the beds that need it and to add some more compost to replenish some that has eroded away and raise the soil back to its original level.