An Update on the Management Structure of Transition Belsize

An Update on the Management Structure of Transition Belsize

Transition Belsize is an unincorporated association, whose constitution assigns management responsibilities to a Coordinating Group, made up of active members involved in the activities of the association.


All Transition Belsize events and announcements are listed on this website and in the monthly email newsletter. If an event is not listed here, it is not an official Transition Belsize event.


Unfortunately an individual who resigned from the Coordinating Group in July 2013 has been claiming to represent Transition Belsize and is attempting to clone the group, set up a new management committee and publicize unofficial events. He has also been claiming to speak on behalf of the Hampstead Horticultural Society, using a sham website (their real website is and impersonating them on Twitter. He was, by his own admission, asked to leave the society’s committee in 2012.


An Annual General Meeting will be held this spring and all members will be invited to attend. The date and location will be communicated via the website and the email newsletter.


If anyone has any queries regarding the management of Transition Belsize, please contact us at


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