Sepp Holzer's new book on permaculture

Sepp Holzer farms steep mountainsides in Austria 1,500 metres above sea level. His farm is an intricate network of terraces, raised beds, ponds, waterways and tracks, well covered with productive fruit trees and other vegetation, with the farmhouse neatly nestling amongst them. This is in dramatic contrast to the monoculture fir tree plantations favoured by his neighbours.

In his new book, which you can get here from Green Shopping, Sepp shares the skills and knowledge he's acquired over his lifetime. He covers every aspect of his farming methods, not just how to create a holistic system on the farm itself, but also how to make a living from it.

Food Group Meeting - 17 November 2011 - Notes and Actions

Present: Alexis, Ali, Anique, Ay Lin, Carla, Deepa, Elisabetta, Paul M, Sarah N, Steve P, Tom S.

Food Growing on Highways Licence

Almost everyone was optimistic and keen to make it work. It’s bigger than just TB since this would be the first time that any community organisation in London has been given the right to use Highways land like this. The one sticking point is what it actually means to be a named licensee, apart from giving Camden Council someone to contact if they have a question or there’s a problem. In theory any liabilities should be covered by our Public Liability Insurance. Alexis & Tom to check. NB See the bottom of this page for the draft licence as a Word document.